Subspecialties at HRP Labs in Pathology

Subspecialties at HRP Labs in Pathology

HRP Labs is not just a name in the world of pathology in Puerto Rico, it is an institution of diagnostic precision and medical excellence. With a variety of subspecialties, the laboratory is equipped to face complex medical challenges with notable expertise.


At HRP Labs, innovation and quality are pillars that ensure the proper and effective management of each case. The integration of advanced technology into their processes allows pathologists to perform complex and precise analyses, reinforcing the laboratory’s role as a pioneer in early disease detection and personalized treatment strategies. Below, we detail each subspecialty offered by HRP Labs, emphasizing its critical importance in advanced medical diagnosis.


Gastrointestinal, Hepatic, and Pancreatic Pathology

At HRP Labs, four highly trained gastroenterologists lead the gastrointestinal subspecialty. This area focuses on diseases of the digestive system, including the liver and pancreas. HRP Labs’ experts use advanced techniques to diagnose conditions ranging from common disorders to extremely complex cases, ensuring precise and personalized treatments.


Hematopathology is crucial for understanding blood diseases. At HRP Labs, a dedicated specialist uses their vast knowledge to analyze disorders such as anemias, leukemias, and lymphomas, providing diagnoses that are fundamental for effective patient management.


With two dermatopathologists on the team, HRP Labs offers expert diagnoses of skin diseases. This subspecialty is essential for accurately identifying conditions from skin infections to skin cancers, enabling early interventions and more successful treatments.

Molecular Genetic and Oncologic Pathology

Molecular genetics and oncologic molecular pathology at HRP Labs are responsible for unraveling the genetic structure of diseases. Each specialist works closely together to identify genetic markers in cancers and other genetic diseases, offering a window into personalized and targeted treatments.



The neuropathologists at HRP Labs study diseases of the brain and nervous system. With two experts in the field, the laboratory is able to provide detailed diagnoses that are critical for the treatment of complex neurological disorders.


Immunopathology is vital for understanding how the immune system plays a role in various diseases. At HRP Labs, a dedicated specialist uses their deep knowledge to diagnose autoimmune diseases, allergies, and more, helping to tailor specific therapies for each patient.

Breast Pathology and Surgical Gynecology

Specialists in breast pathology and surgical gynecology at HRP Labs focus on diseases of the breast and surgical gynecological conditions, respectively. Their work is crucial for early detection of cancer and other diseases in women, ensuring timely and effective treatments.


Finally, cytopathology at HRP Labs, with two experts at the helm, specializes in the study of cells to diagnose diseases. This subspecialty is fundamental for making quick and accurate diagnoses, from infections to cancers.

Each subspecialty at HRP Labs not only reflects the laboratory’s commitment to medical excellence, but also ensures that each patient receives the most informed and accurate diagnosis possible. This comprehensive approach allows HRP Labs to stay at the forefront of the field of pathology in Puerto Rico.

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