Why choose HRP Labs for your hospital?

Reduce the administrative burden – HRP Labs handles the management of anatomic pathology services and transfusion medicine. We perform all quality control reports for local and state accrediting boards and cancer centers. We also handle the billing and collection of deductibles while providing excellent customer service, both for the medical staff and patients.

Improve physician satisfaction – HRP Labs delivers FAST and ACCURATE reports. Our expert team of 14 pathologists is available for consultation in person or by telephone. We also perform intraoperative consultations and “Tumor Boards”. With in-house inmunohistochemical, molecular, and clinical laboratory capabilities, your samples stay in one place, thus reducing the risks of lost samples. We also offer different options of the Electronic Medical Record that best suits your practice.

Improve quality of service – HRP Labs has specialists approved by the CAP in anatomic and clinical pathology, gastropathology, dermatopathology, hematopathology, hepatopathology, cytopathology, neuropathology, immunopathology and molecular pathology, so your patients are in expert hands and you can rest easy. Our technology and equipment for sample processing are among the best in the industry, improving the quality and speed of your diagnoses.

Support a wide variety of tests – HRP Labs’ extensive test menu reduces the need to coordinate several reference laboratories, thereby improving the continuity of care of your patients.

Promote the local economy – With HRP Labs, your samples remain on the island, thus complying with State and Federal regulations. HRP Labs continues to create jobs and stimulate our economy with about 140 employees in Puerto Rico, in addition to contract services with more than 20 local vendors.

Help to protect the environment – HRP Labs recycles the vast majority of our paper documents, always in compliance with HIPPA. We can also send pathology reports by email, further reducing the use of paper. We also recycle reagents such as formalin, alcohol, and Xylene with sophisticated equipment that significantly reduces chemical waste. For those reagents that we cannot recycle, we take great care to dispose of them abiding by all state and federal regulations. We use mercury-free hematoxylin and do everything in our power to continue to improve the quality of our island ecosystem.